Lumina Film Lab

Lumina film lab is a Professional Studio based in Florence.
Lumina stems from years of study and work with film in the darkroom; in fact, our true passion is above all working with analog, because of its ability to enhance the value of images and evoke emotions.
We love both color and black and white.
We are a group of people who love to elaborate the entire process by hand so as to obtain the utmost result.
Our studio was established as a result of the need to find a quality development and scanning service. This is why we decided to offer a development service carried out by hand using fresh chemicals for each session, in order to easily obtain professional results.
One of our strengths is the Frontier SP3000, the best scanner for negatives and slides, capable of restoring a remarkable analogue “flavor”.
The crux of our business is most definitely the care we devote to customer satisfaction.
We define ourselves as a 2.0 Lab because we are always actively involved in research activities in order to achieve increasingly top quality standards. Furthermore, our presence on the web allows us to offer an easy-access service, which facilitates the customer both in sending the film and in receiving the service.