Best of – Winter Summer 2017

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Here is our selection of our best works, developed and scanned in our Analogue Lab in the season that is now over.

You will find beautiful works in color but also in Black and White we hope you like them and that they serve of inspiration for the new season.

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Laboratorio sviluppo Pellicole
Pentax 645 – Kodak Portra 400

Photo by  Chiara Natale

Nikon F75 – Ilford Delta 400 push +2

Photo by  Giovanna Aprili

Laboratorio sviluppo Pellicole
Canon Eos 3 – Kodak Portra 800

Photo by  Federico Cutuli

Laboratorio sviluppo Pellicole
Pentax 645 – Ilford PHP5+ 400

Photo by  Chiara Natale

Lumina Film Lab foto Sandra Luoni
Mamya 645 – Kodak Portra 400

Photo by  Sandra Luoni

Laboratorio sviluppo Pellicole
Yashica Mat – Kodak 320 Tri-x

Photo by  Tommaso Bacchelli



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